*** Voula Papaioannou Greek photography happy children

Greek Photographers: Voula Papaioannou-- Happy Children

Figure 1.--Here we see Greek boys reading publicatiion with comics. Comivs had a special appeal to boys ariound the world, we are not sure just why. Girls seem somewhat less interested. But thuis image is different. It seems to be a group read. In other countries comics were purchased at a small price and read indivisually. In America they cost a dime and then you might trade with friends. In Greece at the time most boys could not afford to buy comics, but they obviously devoured them when they got hold of one. Many of gthe boys here are wearing similar jackets. They may be being cared for at an orphanage. Because of World War II and the Civil War there were manu orphanages in Greece at the time.

Not all of Voula Papaioannou's work had the dark overtones of the trerrible 1940sdecade when Greece endured war, NAZI occupation, famine and civil war. We note numerous images of happy children at play in post-War Greece. These are some of the most wonderful images of children being children taken in Greece. Here we would liken her work to that of French humanist photographer Robert Doisneau, a little less quirky and who worked in happier times. Most of these light-hearted images were part of her work from the 1950s when Greece began to recover. Her images are meant to be casual, candid photogrphs, imprtabnt when photographing children, but we suspect that many were carefully posed, especially the group photos. Some of these seem to have been taken in the many orphananages sett up for oephaned abd abandoned children (figure 1). Others are clearly beautiful candid images like the boys on the previous page.


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