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Figure 1.-- Here we see two Hungarian brothers in 1936. They look to be about 4-8 years old and wear susender and bib-front shorts. The hld their teddy bear and scooter. Hungarian children like most European children could not afford bikes and trikes, but scooters were moreafordable. After World War II the Eiropean economic miracles changed that. Hungary and other Eastern European countries, however, languished under Communist control. .

We have only limited information on the boys clothing associated with various activities in Hungary. School is of course the major activity. Hungarian boys did not wear school uniforms. Some schools, however, appeared to have required smocks in the 1960s. As a Communist Government was in power, this may have been a nationally mandated style, but HBC has only limited information at this time on school smocks. One activity is religion which has played an important role in Hungarian history. Hungary is a Catholic country. We notice children doing First Communion. Concerning religion we only have one wedding image. We have no information on Hungarian choirs at this time or on Hungarian dance. Of course a major, but informal activity is play. We get some idea of this in 19th century studio portraits because of the use of props. With the 20th century and the family snapshot we can see imagoes of actual play much more about toys. As in all of Europe we see plush toys like teddy bears (figure 1). Unfortunately because Hungary is such a small country, our Hungarian archive is still very limited here. Hungarian boys like most European boys did not have bikes and trikes. This was an economic matter, they were just to expensive for most people. And Communist control after World War II meant that Hungary did not share in the economic miracles of Western Europe. But we do see scooters. Likewise we do not yet have any information on sport in Hungary. Hungarian Scouts were organized in the years before World War I, but the movement grew considerably after independence. There may have been a right-wing nationalist group that competed with Scouting in the World War II years. After the War the Communist Government prohibited Scouting and boys had to join the Young Pioneers. Scouting has been revived in the 1990s with the return to democratic government. Hungary during the Communist years had a Young Pioneer movement, but we have no details at this time.


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