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Hungarian Styles

Hungarian children 1962
Figure 1.-- Here we see some attempt at creatingb a brother sister outfit in 1962. The fashiioanle dress suggests the father probably had a position in the Communist Party or state administration.

We do not know of any styles that were espoecially popular in Hungary. We see styles that look similar imilsar to German styles. Hungarian children's clothes were strongly influenced by Germany. For the most part we see styles thqt were worn in many other countries. Here our assessment is limited by our rather limited Hungarian achive. We are just not sure how popular major styles like Fauntleroy and sailor suits along with Norfolk abd Eton styling were in Hungary. We think Russian blouse garments were popular. We believe this was basically similar to Germasny because of the centuries-long Austrian connection until after World War I. The only really distinctive Hungarian styles were Folk Costume. Hungary was a small county and until after World War II, a largely agrarian country. We believe folk styles were still widely worn in the country side, especially before World War I. Hungary until 1918 was governened by Austrians. There was a constitutional change in 1867 when a dual monarch was established for the Empire. We are not sure at this time how this affected folk fashion. We have, however, few real details. We do note that there was not one Hungarian national folk costume. Rather there was a wide variety of folk costumes. We also note enbroidery work and noy jut on folk cotumes.


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