Japanese Girls' Hair Styles

Figure 1.--Here we see the children in a Japanese family in 1933. Notice that the oldest school-age boy has his hair cropped. All the other children, the girls and younger boys have their hair done in bangs.

Japanese girls' hair styles have been even less varies than the styles worn by boys. Most girls have their hair styled in bangs, There are several ways of curring bangs. So there is some variety, but the overall impression one gets in looking a girls hair styles in Japan is an overwealming conformity. We are unsure why there is so much conformity as to hair styles. This seems to be the case. As this conformity seems to have persisted for a considerable period of time. We are not sure just how long this general conformity has persisted, but it seems to have been centuries. There may be characteristics of hair among Japanese that have contributed to this similarity. Hopefully our Japanese readers will provide us some insights here.


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Created: 3:38 PM 3/24/2009
Last updated: 3:38 PM 3/24/2009