Japanese Individuals: Matsuda Komataro (1885)

Figure 1.--Japanese boys clothing in the mid-1990s began taking on a more American look with long baggier short pants.

We note a wonderful Anbrotype portrait of Matsuda Komataro who looks ready to sett of for school in 1885. This Japanese Ambrotype portrait is of Matsuda Komataro. Japanese cased portraits were commonly done in wood without guttaperca or leather covers and plush interiors. As a result of the wood, inscriptions are more common than in Western cased photographic portraits. The case herev is inscribed " Taken by WATANABE Tomio living in Kotohira Village ( Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku Island ) on March 7, Meiji 18 (1885) ". The portrait was 5cm x 8.2cm. The boy looks to be about 10 years old. We would guess that the outfit he is wearing is what he wore to school. Note the school book and ruler. In addition to the traditiibnal outfit, note the separated toe socks. I'm not sure what he has on his right hand--perhaps mittens. Maybey it was winter. He does seem to be wearing a wool scarf.


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Created: 5:00 AM 8/25/2008
Last updated: 5:00 AM 8/25/2008