Uruguyan Boys' Garments: Hosiery

Figure 1.--This unidentified Uruguayan girl looks to be about 9 years old. She wears a dark dresd with front smocking anbd a ruffled collar wih the dress material. Based on writing on the back it looks to be dated to 1877. She wears striped long stockings and low-cut shoes, we think like her younger brother. There is a name written on the vack, E.G. de Lavia, but we are not sure whose name that was. It is also written in the back of the boy's portrait. The studio was Chute & Brooks in Montevideo.

We have no information on the hosiery worn By Uruguayan children in the early 19th century. Wecsuspect yhat many children went barefoot. Boys from famolies in compfortable circumsance probanly wore lomg pnts skeleton suits. Girls wore empire dresses. As in Europe, the children probably wore short white socks. Uruguayan children wore long stockings as shortened-length pants becaome popular in the mid-19th century. Our archive is very limited, but we see striped long stockings in the 1870s. Bith boys and girls wore the sanme style of long stockings. long stockings.


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Created: 6:26 PM 1/11/2019
Last updated: 6:26 PM 1/11/2019