Dutch Boys' Clothes: Chronology--Early 21st Century

Figure 1.--


HBC knows of no destinctive Dutch garments appearing in the 21st century.


Many Dutch boys wear the casual clothes that have become so popular throughout Europe.

Age Trends


A Dutch reader reports, "Younger kids sometimes wear baggy clothing but that ends quick due to kids growing up faster here. Little girls seem to wear clothing that Americans would think rather daring clothing, such as strech pants and high heeled boots. They are the are the norm here even for 9 year old girls. I lived in Canada until age 14 and i was rather shocked at the fast pace that children grow up here in the Netherlands.


A Dutch reader reports, however, that there are some destinctive trends in the Netherlands: "I would like to inform you that Holland is one of the only countries in Europe where the baggy pants were never that populair. The new trend for boys in Holland was actually started by girls. I'm talking about youths age from 14 to say around 26. Girls seem come up with the styles and boys follow them. Boys now, for example, wear extremely tight shirts, lots of times the shirts have extremly short sleeves. Dutch youths, both boys and girls, wear tight pants--especially jeans. They often roll up the legs a bit to show their boots and modern type sneakers. Since the economy has been good in the last couple of years the fashion trends now seem to move fast and the clothing is expensive." This is interesting because the Dutch folk costume for boys are baggy knicker-length trousers. Shops throughout the Netherlands have post cards for tourists showing boys in these baggy trousers costumes. In is thus interesting that the baggy style so popular in America and some other European countries has not become popular in the Netherlands.

Regional Differences

Our Dutch reader notes that the trendiest Dutch fashions are more noticeable in Rotterdam than Amsterdam where there are many foreign tourists.

Foreign Influences

Boys in neighboring Germany wear extreme baggy hiphop and skate clothing like the Americans. Belgiam seems actually behind in trends and is not really on the baggy trend, but there clothes are not as neat and tight as the Dutch. The really good econmy is the reason for the expencive Dutch taste and the Dutch can be better compared to Italy than to Germany and Belgium. Like Italians, the Dutch will reportedly wear anything to impress. This seems quite different than American boys who just seem to want be themselves and just wear what guys think are cool.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: June 19, 2001
Last updated: June 19, 2001