Dutch Family Chronology: The 1930s

Figure 1.--Here we see some of the Doorn-Broeren children, a rural Dutch family in 1930. The children are all very formally dressed. The boys are all dressed in conservative dark suits. Piet (the 12-year-old in the front row, extreme left) is wearing a dark knee-pants suit with white shirt and tie, black long stockings. The girls also wear dark long stockins. Long stockings were declining in popularity, but still worn in cold weather and in the children of conservative families.

We have begun to collect some 1930s family ages. We see a lot of boys wearing short pants, both with suits as well as casual outfits. They tended to be long cut shorts, especially in the early-30s. Yonger boys commonly wore shorter-cut shorts, especially pre-school boys. Knit outfits were popular. Many suits seem done with knee pants rathr than short pants. Other than with some conservative suits we normally see short pants. Shorts tended to become shorter as the decaded progressed. Girls wore dressess in various styles cut just below the knees. Hair bows seem popular in the early-30s, perhaps a vetage of a 1920s styke with conservarive families. We see children both boys and girls wearing long stockings, often black long stockings for formal occassions. Knee socks becanme increasingly popular during the decade. Younger boys and girls might wear strap shoes, Low-cut oxfords becamje standard footwear durung gthe decadfe. Country boys might go barefoot during the summer, but it was not very common. We note the children of a well-to-do Amsterdam family wearing smocks, but it was not very common. The outffits look essentially moderm, but we still see older people, especially the women, in the country side wearing some traditional garments, now called folk dress.

Doorn-Broeren Family (1930)

This is the rural Doorn-Broeren family (1930). It was obviously a big family, as rural families often were. There were several children, both boys abnd girls (figure 1). Standing (from left to right) in the back row are Jos, Toon, Jan and Drieka. In the front row sitting (from left to right) are Piet, Sien, Lien (standing), Marie van Doorn-Broeren (the mother and matriarch), and Mien. The picture was taken in front of their farm house. Notice the mother's elaborate traditional Dutch headdress. The children are all very formally dressed. Piet (the 12-year-old in the front row, extreme left) is wearing a dark short trousers suit with white shirt and tie, black long stockings (probably with a garter waist), and black shoes. Jos, standing behind him, seems to be wearing a long trousers suit, although it is a little difficult to tell. The conservative appearance of this family, especially the fact that they are all dressed in black (except for Sien who is wearing a bright plaid dress), suggests to us that they are Roman Catholic--possibly from North Brabant. The girls also wear black stockings. Just where the father of the family is we don't know. He may have been the photographer or he might be deceased.

Unknown Family (early 1930s)

This unidentified Dutch photograph shows a young Dutch family about 1930. Notice the boys bangs, short-cut short pants, and strap shoes. They seem to be a young family, although the boy looks to be about 4 years old, suggesting they have been married about 5 years. He is probably the only child. If there are no other children after 5 years there are unlikely to be manyb more. This is an indicator that the increasingly urbanized Dutch like other Europeans are having smaller families. The boy wears a knit iutfit, a style popular fior younger chilren. His knit top was presumably knitted by mother or more likely grand mother. (Mother here looks like a modern young lady.) Notice how perfectly cut the boy's bangs are. Also notice how perfectly cuffed the boy's kneesocks are. We believe that he was rather doted on by his parents, although it is a little strange that mother is not holding the boy's hand.

Unknown Family (1930s)

We note an undated Dutch family snapshot. It looks to us that it was taken in the 1930s, perhaps the late 1930s. The family has three children, two boys and a girl. The boys are older teenagers. One boy wears a long pants suit and the others a knickers suit. Unfortunately the image is quite small makng it difficult to assess the age of the individuals. We have noted Dutch boys wearing knickers even in the 1940s and early 50s. This boy appears to be wearing above the knee knickers, somewhat unusual for an older boy.

Van Djik Family (1930)

We note the Van Djik family doing missionary work in the Dutch East Indies on Sumba in the Dutch East Indies during the 1930. The boys wear similar short pants suits. One boy has buttoned his collar. Both boys are barefoot even though they are wearing suits.

Amsterdam Family (1933)

We have found some images of Dutch children wearing smocks. Unfortunately in many cases we do not know much about the images making it difficult to understand the conventions involved. One example is some Amsterdam children in 1933. Here we have a family photogrph of three children. We would guess that they are siblings. It isn't quite clear to me whether the child on the left is a girl or a boy, but I assume the child is a girl because of the longish haircut. The two older children look to be about 11-9 years of age. Their little brother looks to be about 6 years old. Now perhaps he is a cousin or a neigbor, but the body languages certainly suggests that he is the little brother. This looks to be a family snapshot and not a studio portrait. Note the flowers in the background as though the photographer was attempting to make a somewhat staged photograph. Two of the children are dressed identically in what look like smocks--perhaps school smocks. We have some questions anout the children's clothes.


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