Dutch Boys' Clothes: Family Styles

Figure 1.--.

One popular fashion among Dutch parents was to dress their similar in identical or coordinated styles. This does not seem to be as popular today, but was quite common into the 1970s. The most common convention was to dress brothers alike, but often boys and girls had coordinated fashions--at least younger brothers.




The sailor suit may have been the most common garment to be used when dressing brothers and sisters alike. Many other garments were worn by brothers and sisters. Virtually every kind g garment could be coordinated. Garments varied over time. In the 19th century, boys could wears dresses, but girls could not wear boys' clothes. In the 20th century, this convention was reversed. Some were identical, especially for brothers. Others were coordinated, usually for brothers and sisters.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: March 29, 2001
Last updated: March 29, 2001