Dutch Boys' Garments: Sweater Patterns

Figure 1.--The pattern for this sleeveless sweater appeared in a 1949 Dutch magazine. Note the pattern in the weave even though ot was a solid color sweater. The pattern was for boys 11-15 years of age. The heading reads, "Voor de grote jongens," which would translate as "For the larger lads."

Dutch boys wore a wide variety of patterned sweaters. Patterns can be made in both different colors as well as the same color with variations in knitting to provide a less pronounced pattern. The solid-colored flat-weave sweater so common in England do not seem to have been as popular in the Netherlands. Dutch mothers weaving sweaters apparently wantedf to introduce some color and destinctive design elements. We are less sure about what the boys thought or indeed if they even noticed the different patterns to any extent. HBC has, however, only limited information on patterns at this time.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 9, 2001
Last updated: April 9, 2001