New Zealand Holidays: Halloween

Figure 1.--Here we see Auckland boys in their Halloween costumes, gtting ready for trick-or-treat. In the southern hemisphere November is in late-spring rather than fall..

Halloween is not as popular in New Zealand as in other Western countries, especially, the Inited States, and traditionally has not generally been celebrated. In recent years American-style Halloween has elicited some interest. It is not an official holiday, but is not official in America. Even young kids are commonly aware of how Halloween is celebrated in America--especially Trick-or-Treat. And of course they want to get in on the fun. Going house to house for free candy to be passed out appeals to the hear (and taste buds) of every kid. And of course dressing up in costumes is another appeal. Halloween as aesult, is gradually growing in popularity, both in Australia and New Zealand. And of course the goof old capitalist profit motive is kicking in with some retail outlets promoting the holiday, both costume and candy sales. As a result, each year we see more kids dressing up for trick-or-treat. This goes hand and hand with the costumes. Once you have a costume, you want to show it off, and what better way than trick-or-treat when oddles of candy are to be had. I don't know if Halloween parties have begun to become popular or id there are school activities. The British Guy Fauukes Day occues about the same time, but we do not know to what extent this has been celebrated in New Zealand. Perhaps readers will know more.


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Created: 12:16 AM 7/29/2011
Last updated: 12:16 AM 7/29/2011