New Zealand Boys': Hair Styles--Ringlet Curls

Figure 1.--This CDV portrait shows an unidentified boy wearing a sailor suit. His hair is done with a top roll and back ringlet. He looks to be about 3 years old. The studio was W. R. Robinson, Late Tuttle & Co, Elite Studios, 248 Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand. For some reason the back information indicated that the photographer was by appointment to his Imperial Highness The Grand Duke Alexander of Russia.

We see the same fads such as Little Lord Fauntleroy ringlet curls in the late-19th century in New Zealand that we see in Britain. These ringlets styles were most popular in America, but they were also worn in Britain and the Dominions more so than in Europe. We have found some examples.We see a studio portrait from Christ Church, New Zealand on the previous page. There is no date or name. We would guess that it was taken in the late-1890s orerhaps the very early 1900s. He has a small white hair bow in his curls. The boy looks to be 4 or 5 years old. Unless we had the name and location of the photographer, we would have assumed the boy was British. (The portrait has an American look, but the short socks rather than long stockings is an indicator that the boy was British, or in this case from New Zealand.) Here we see a variety of ringlet styles in New Zealand, many of which are the same as we see in Britain. We note an unidentified Aukland boy wearing a sailor suit with a top roll and back ringlets. The CDV is also undated, but looks like the 1890s to us.


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Created: 1:56 AM 10/13/2019
Last updated: 1:56 AM 10/13/2019