*** Pitcarin Islands chronology

Pitcarin Islands: Chronology

Figure 1.--The photo shows a modern Pitcarin family on their porch, probably in 2010. The islanders today wear casual western clothing. The major difference is that the islanders commonly go barefoot.

The little Pitcarin colony established by Fletcher Chrustian and the Bounty mtineers has changed a great deal over time. The men at first dressed like sailors and the women topless as in Tahit. They used the canvas from Bounty as fabric for several years, but this eventually ran out. They did not dare trade with other islands. Gradually they dressed increasingly in the Tahitian style as manufactured fabric disappeared. Gradually the women began dressing more conservatively. Occasional vessls would call at Pitcarin and trade manufactured goods for provisions. We see Pictcairn inhabitants on the previous page suring 1910, perhaps at a church event. In the 20th century, the disappearance of sailing vessels and the extended range of coal and oil fueled vessels meant that provisions were no longer needed from isolated islands. Pitcarin had by that time acquired a romabtic reputation. Ships with tourists would occassionally call and the tgourists were interested in buying habndicradts made by the islanders as soveniers. Modern islanders wear Western fashions. The only basic difference is that many islanders continue to go barefoot. Here we see a modern Pitcarin family (figure 1).


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