Pitcarin Islands: Economy

Figure 1.--The New Zealand teachers often change regularly. The new teacher here in 2008 shows a bicycle to the children. The teacher comes from New Zealand and changes often. The children are looking at the bicycle with curiosity and perplexity. It is something that comes from another world. Bikes are not very praxctical on Pitcarin as there is so little flt terraine. Is it possible that a community as Pitcairn continue to live isolated during the 21st century.?

The Pitcarin economy was at first based on agriculture. The pigs, goarts, and chickens the mutineers bought with them were very important. And while sail still prevailed, the islanders benefitted by ships seeking provisions. When longer range coal and oil fueld vesseks replaced sail, income frfom selling provisions declined. Although a new tourist trade developed in the 20th century because of the fam of the Bounty saga. The islanders also began utilizing the fish resources, although this was complicated by the difficulty of launching and beaching boats. The economy of Pitcarin today is based on fishing, agriculture, and apiculture. Honey is exported in New Zealand and the UhitedKingdom. Tourism is another recourse. The saga of the Bounty has been imprtalized in books and film. So the Pitcairners can live confortable lives on their small, isolated Pacific island. It is interesting that tge islanders have lived their isolated lives now for more than two centuries. Even a bicycle brought to the island by the New Zealand teacher amazers the island children. It will be interesring how these intripid people will deal with the 21st century. Will Pitcarin continued largely unchanged for another century?


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Created: 4:49 AM 9/26/2010
Last updated: 4:50 AM 9/26/2010