Afghanistan Activities

Figure 1.--Here we see a little Afghani boy in 1946 taking care of a cammel. He might be called a camel boy. His family probably were nomads or involved in caravan transport. Notice the traditional clothes and turned-up shoes. As far as we can tell, this photograph could hve been taken centurues earlier.

Boyhood activities are quite different than in more modern countries. Activities are still strongly influenced by Afghanisan's very traditional society. School is less important n Afghanistsan than many countries. Until the Communist era, there were few schools in Afghnistasn. Afghanistan is among the poorest countries in the world. The lack of a modern education system was part of the reason for Afghanistsn's failure to develop a modern economomy. The country had very high iliteracy rates and illiteracy contunues to be a major problem, especially among women. The Taliban had little interest in secular education and even prevented girls from going to school. The current Afghan Government has attempted to expand educatonal opportunity, but Taliban insurgents target schools, especisally grls attending schools. Some girls attending chool had sacid throiwn in their faces. Religion is a major factor in thelibes of boys. Also mny children work, both in the cities and countryside. The Taliban descouraged, but did not outfight ban sports like football. Some play activities such as kite flying were bsanned foir religious reasons.


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