Bulgarian Boys' Garments: Identical Outfits

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified mother wtih her her three children about 4-9 years old, two girls and a boy. They are all wearing matching dark sailor dresses. The girls have long hair and bows. Their little brother's hair is done in bangs. The cabinet card based on the mount was probably taken about 1905. The studio was D. Georgieff in Silistra. Silistra is a Black Sea port city in northeastern Bulgaria. The city lies along the southern bank of the lower Danube river. It is on the Romanian border where it stops following the Danube. For a while after World warI it was annexed by Romania,

We see a number of popular styles in Bulgaria. One important style ws sailor suits. Wether or not a country had a navy does not eem to important. Sailor suits seem popular all over Europe. We also see folk embroidery work on vrious garments giving common European styles a Bulgarian look. As was the case in many countries, we note some parents dressing childen in identical or coordinated outfits. Our Bulgarian archive is not large enough to give an idea of how common this was. And as common in many European countries, we note that sailor suits were one of the most popular styles for these identical family outfits. This was especially true for mixed gender groups.


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