Chinese Boys' Folk Costumes

Figure 1.-- An important part of Chinese folk art is embroidery and costume. China reported has 56 recognized ethnic or national groups. This is a national folk costume of Jingpo boys. Note the poms on their caps and the destinctive geometric patterns.

China is the largest country in terms of population and one of the largest countries in terms of area. Not only is the country spread over many rehions and provinces, but it comprises many different ethnic and language groups. The Han people of China proper are the dominate ethnic group, but they are a large number of national and ethnic minorities with destinctive cultural and religious experiences. One Chinese reader tells us that there are 56 destinctive groups in China. This diversity is reflected in a rich tradition of folk art, dance, dress, music, and and other cultural aspects. An important part of Chinese folk art is embroidery and costume. In modern China these folk costumes are more for festivals and special occassions than everyday dress. We have very limited infornmation at this time on the extent and diversity of these folk costumes. In addition we often lack specific information about boys' styles in the various Chinese folk costumes.


Wang Chen, e-Mail, August 27, 2002

Christopher Wagner

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Created: August 29, 2001
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