Croatian Boys' Clothes

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I grew up in Croatia during the 1960s and 70s. In my boyhood I lived partly in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and in Croatia (both were part of former Yugoslavia untill 1991). Boys' clothing in all part of Yugoslavia was very simillar situation at that time.


I don't have many male cousins. Only one, but he lived in another town, so we didn't see other very much. One of my aunts had a daughter 5 years older then me.


My mother was very stylish, and she wanted his boy (me) to be too. This (in her eyes) would show us as a family which is rich and fine looking.


German Magazines

In Croatia (former Yugoslavia) in that time, Germany clothing styles had influence on our clothing styles. I can still remember my mother browsing German fashion magazines, and big stores catalogues. A lot of Yugoslav "guest workers" brought magazines back home when they visited for holidays. She also apply founded styles on me.

My Stylish Clothes

In my boyish memories (4-5 year old) I can remember when my mother discovered (in German magazine) a very nice boy wearing white blouse, shortall and white tights. She like it very much, and she made me wear simillar outfit. My aunt and grandma was very delighted, but I found it too girlish. But she did not care about my oppinion.

Mother and I had few "conflict" situations. Our major bone of contention was wearing tights, which I didn't like--viewing them as as girl's clothes. I knew that the other boys would tease me when I got to school. My mother didn't care of my oppinion. I had to dress what ever she says. But after my objections I think she dress me in shorts and tights much less commonly in nursery school, and never in elementary school. I wore tights only under long trousers at school. I did, however, continue to be outfitted in tights with short pants in formal occasions, usually when we visited my aunts, grandmother, and other family members. On these occasions I didn't complain much. It was going to school with short pants anf tights that I objected to because Inknewe that I would be teased.

I must say that my mother was vey concerned about fashion. So I was very well dressed at that time. For example I had Levi's at elementary school, when noone else had them. Sneakers (Adidas) also. My father did not work in Germany, so it was rather difficult to buy, but she manage it. Maybe that is the reason I didn't complain about stylish clothes on some occasions, because I know that she will buy me some fashion clothes nobody has. Must say that in that time (1968-1970s) many boys (me also) here wear long hair (hippies influence), it was not very long, more like Beatles or Rolling Stones wore.

Nursery School

Boys in nursery school did not like to wear tights. We found them rather girlish looking. I wore tights with short pants. Very few other boys did this. In the winter, however, many boys did wear tights (white, red or blue) under long trousers. I got teased when I came to school wearing tights with short pants. The other boys thought it girlish, which at that age was considered a terrible thing by us boys. In nursery school, when boys started teasing me, the teachers (all of them were women--we call them "aunts") did not allow teasing so it never amointed to a big thing. It was enough, however, for me to avoid wearing tights with shorts when I could talk my mother out of it.



Until 5 grade I wore white (my mother didn't like other colours) tights under my long trousers in school, and with short pants for formal ocasions. At home I usually wore only tights and turtleneck.


As a boy, I worn lederhosen. As I said, my mother liked German styles. Some other boys also wore them. It was not the dominate fashion, but they were worn.


When I was young, I wore sandals, usually white. I remember weaaring them with white kneesocks.

Civil War

During the war in Bosnia all of my old pictures were burned with my parents house. So I unfprtunately have no photographs from my childhood.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: April 7, 2000
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