Croatian Boys' Clothes: Costumes

Figure 1.--We are unsure how to interpret this 1911 Croatian post card. The boy looks to be dressed in a fashionable suit and wide brimmed sailor hat. The girl, however, is dressed in baggy pantaloons. We have not noted girls in the early 20th century dressed liked that, especially when made to look fashionably evidenced by the fancy hat. The card was mailed in Germany. Click on the image to see the message.

As with other countries, we have noted images of Croatian children wearing costumes. Some of these are difficifult to interpret. Some are clearly costumes for play acting or parties. Others are rather unusual and we find difficult to interpret. One such image shows a girl wearing long baggy pants rather than a dress in the early 20th century. Hopefully our Croatian readers will offer their insights here.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: December 4, 2002
Last updated: December 4, 2002