Estonian Boys' Clothes: Garments

Figure 1.--Estonian boys during the Soviet era were often dressed more stylishly than boys in other parts of the Soviet Union. This Estonian boy in the 1970s wears a vest with fashionable neckwear and a collar cut somewhat like an Eton collar.

We have noted Estonian boys wearing the same basic garments and styles as those worn in Germany, Russia, and other neigboring countries. Estonia until World war I was a Russian possession. Estonian cities had, however, aubstantial German population. The Lutheran religion also created contacts with Germany. And as a Baltic sea countries, there were contacts with Scandinavia. We do not al this time know of any destinctive Estonian garments. Estonian boys during the Soviet era seem to have been dressed a little more stylishly than boys in other areas of the Soviet Union. We noted that vests were seen as very stylish in the 1970s. After World War I many boys wore short pants, often with long stockings. Suspender and H-bar shorts were common for younger boys.


Skirted Garments


We have very limited information on suits worn by Estonian boys. Our image archive is too limited to make any meaningful assessment at this time. As far as we can tell, they were essentially the same as those worn by Russian boys, perhaps with a strong German influence. We note boys wearing traditionally styled sailor suits. We are unsure how common sailor suits were in Estonia. We think they were mostly worn by city boys and ethnic-Germans were a major part of the the country's urban population. The German influence disappeared during World war II when Hitler order the Baltic Germans "home to the Reuch". After the War, Estonian was again absorbed in a Russian empire and styles were generally the same throughout the Soviet Union. This was in part because large clothing enterprises soild their output throughout the Soviet Union.






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