Kuwati Geography

Figure 1.--Kuwait is a desert shiekdom with almost no arable land. Before the discovery of oil, thevonly real assey the country had was a fine harbor. This is a view of the harbor in Kuwait City in 1949.

Kuwait is a small country strategically located at the head of the Persian Gulf. It is wedged between Iraq and Saudi Arabia and faces the Persian Gulf. The climate is extremely arid with very hot summers and short, cool winters. The terraine is mostly flat to slightly undulating desert plain. The desert land areas begins to rise slightly in the southwest, along the Saudi border.Most of the country is a basically flat and dry barren desert of sandy expanses, in places covered by scrub. Thi is an extension of one of the driest, least-hospitable deserts on earth. Its primary geographic feature of importance is Kuwait Bay, a deep-water harbor on the Persian Gulf. This provided a port that in ancient and medival times proved valuable. In fact, the country's name in arabic means 'fort'. This of course was derived from a fort built there to protect the port. Less than 1 percent of the land is arable. Thus seems to be a somewhat lower portion than earlier historical periods. long the Gulf coast are nine islands, most of whichare not populated. The largest are Bubiyan and Al-Warbah. The most popular is Failakah mainly because it is populated. It was once occupied by Alexander the Great.


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