Latvian Boys' Clothes: Chronolgy

Figure 1.--This Latvian postcard was sent in 1928. We know nothing about the group pictured except that they were from Braslava. It seems some sort of school group. Notice the Russian-styled blouses. There was a message on the back, but we can not translate it. Click on the image to see the message.

Our archive of Latvian images is still quite limited. Thus we are unable at this time to develop a cgronology of Latvian boys' clothes. We have no 19th century images. We believe that German fashions were important during the medievel era, in part because of the importance of the Hanseatic League. Russian control of the Baltics must have brought with it an element of fashion, but of course the Russian elite was stringly indluenced by European fashion. Latvia became indepebndent after World War I. Even so, we note a 1920s photograph showing young people wearing clothes showing a strong Russian influence. Fashion was demphasized during the Soviet era (1940-91), but the Baltics in general seem more influenced with Western fashion than the rest ofthe Sovient Union. Since regaining independence, Latvian children seem to adopted the trans-European fashions that has developed accross the continent.


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