Romanian Hair Styles

Figure 1.--These Romanian siblings were photographed in the 1930s with stuffed animals and a doll. The boys wear H-bar shorts. Their sister wears a white dress and hair bows. Notice the older boys has a Dutch boy haircut, a more juvenile style than his little brother. We are just beginning to work on Romanian hair styling conventions.

We do not yet have much information on Romanian hair styles. Our initial assessment is that there were many similarities with Germany. This seems to be the case throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The same is true of clothing styles. We are not entirely sure why, but the pull of the German cultural and economic system before World War II seems to be the key factor. And of course Romania had a German monarchy. Also we need to consider that the Austrian and subsequent Austro-Hungarian Empire helped to promote Germann culture uncluding fashions in the area. We notice a lot of boys with closely cropped hair in the 19th and early 20th century. This may be another German influence. There may also be public health considerations. Cropped hair seems to have continued longer in rural than urban areas. Ringlet curls do not seem to have been common for younger boys, but we do notice boys with Dutch boy bangs, at least city boys in comfortable circumstances. We note alot of girls wearirg hair bows. This is, however, a topic that needs a lot of work before we can make any basic assessments. A reader writes, "If you remember that the heir to the Hapsburg dynasty at the same age and older seemed to wear his hair in a similar style and was longer than his younger brothers for a longer period. So this was not a strictly Romanian style." Absoluletly we see the boys in Emperor Karl's family with this style. We also notice German boys from affluent families with this style. But in these and other examples we have found it is always the younger boys with this style.


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