Romanian Boys' Clothes: Chronology

Figure 1.--Here we see a postcard portrait of a boy mailed from Braila which we believe is in Romania. The portrait was taken in 1906. From the style it could easily have been a French or German boy, suggesting that fashions for affluent families closely followed those in Western Europe. Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

We do not yet have very many images of Romanian children and thus can not begin to develop a chronology at this time. Our general impression is that many children in the country side wore what are now seen as folk or ethnic clothing with a urkish influence. Hopefully Romanian readers will tell us more here. After the establishment of an independent monarchy in the late 19th century we begin to see more Europen styles, espdecially in affluent urban families. The gew images we see seem to have a French, Austrian, or German and roughly follow the same chronological trends as boys in neighboring countries. The important of the German econonomy probably influenced clothing trends and thus may have had the greatest influence, at least until World War II. Hopefully we can expand our Romanian archive so we can better understand Romanian chronological trends.


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