Tajik Family Life

Figure 1.--Here we have a family photograph showing dad, eldest, daughter and son during summer 1995 (figure 1). The daughter wears a summer dress and hat. The son aged 3 years wears short trousers, white socks, and sandals. Image cortesy of the Imaeva family.

We have a few depictions of Tajik family life. We have a family photograph showing dad, eldest, daughter and son during the summer of 1995. A British teacher in Tajikistan has provided us some information on a modern Tajik family, the Abdullaev family of Dushanbe.

Imaeva Family (1995)

We have a family photograph showing dad, eldest, daughter and son during summer 1995 (figure 1). The daughter wears a summer dress and hat. The son aged 3 years wears short trousers, white socks, sandals, and a kind of baseball styled cap. Their father was a merchant sailor. He now works for Tajik Gas. His wife teaches Russian and is the librarian at an international school in Dushanbe. Their children attend School 21 and the eldest daughter attends the Economic High School. The Imaeva family live in a two story apartment block just off Airport Road, near the Dushanbe Railway Station. They own their the apartment. It is a small apartment containing 5 rooms. These are bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dinning room and bedroom. There is not much space for the family. This consists of Mother and father and three children. The girls have their own bedroom and the boy sleeps in the lounge. The devan opens out into a bed. In the dinning room there is a piano but it is only ornamental because no-one can it. Reminded me of my grans home. She too had a piano but it was ornamental because no-one could play it. The eldest child is 17 and she attends a school which is the Tajik Turkish High School called the Economic High School. It has this name because it is a specialist mathematics school. The two younger children attend School 21. This is a Russian School which has a good academic reputation. The eldest daughter has a Tajik name which means Star. Her 13 year old brother's Tajik name means 'Moon.' The youngest child is 9 and her name means 'happiness.' The children dress in Western clothes. The boy has special clothes for school. White shirt, black trousers and shoes. His leisure wear is very Western. He wears a children's version of his favourite football team. His elder teenage sister wears fashionable clothes associated with this age group. The youngest child wears dresses and long white stockings. These are very colourful clothes. Her school wear is white blouse, black skirt , White long stockings. and black shoes. She wears a large bow in her hair. The boy enjoys watching TV and likes children's film such as "E.T" and "Spy Kids". His family have a video player so he is able to rent videos from the local video store. He enjoys football and plays this game alot with the neighbourhood kids. Hilola plays with dolls and has a small collection of them. Her favourite is a large doll which is nearly as tall as she is. She likes to read books and is very talkative. When we were in the park she ran over to the wild flowers and picked a handful and made a hair band out of them. She wore this flower band all the afternoon. She likes strawberry ice cream.

The Abdullaev Family (2002)

Tajikistanís spring sunshine bathed Dushanbe in warmth and colour. It was a welcome contrast to the stormy weather the city had experienced over the last couple of weeks. I was glad that the day was warm and dry. I had to go over to a part of the city I was not familiar with. I knew that I would have to spend time searching for the address. This is no pleasure in a heavy thunderous rainstorm. My journey began when I waved down a taxi. I had the directions sketched out in English but this was not much help to the taxi driver as he was not an English speaker. I gestured that I would show him the way. Unfortunately, this was the day world leaders were visiting the country and the road I wanted to take was closed. The taxi went another route which I did not know. Fortunately the road led to the Railway Station and I then had my bearings. What we were doing was heading in the direction I wanted to go but in getting there we were cutting through side streets. This was good geography because I had never travelled this way before and I learnt about this new route.


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