Tajik Boys' Hair Styles

Figure 1.--This Tajik boy in 2005 had his hair cut short. He didn't like it at all. We are not sure what this styke is called in Tajikistan, but it looks rather like a short back and sides.

We have not yet assessed Tajik hair styles over time. We have no information on pre-Soviet times. Dyeing the Soviet era we note many boys had close-cropped hair. After World War II this begins to become less common, but hair was generally cut short. We do have a modern account. A reader writes, "At the barbers last week. The client before me was a little boy. I'd say about 5. He came in with very long hair and the barber shaved it all off. There was not an hair left when he had finished. I hoped this was not to be my fate to come out bald. Seems Spring time lots of boys kindergarten, primary and senior have their hair shaved. Might be religious. A kid in my class has had this type of hair cut. He is very embassed and will not take off his hat!" Apparently these close cuts are more popular with parents than the boys.


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