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Polish Boys' Clothes: Suits

Figure 1.--These two Polish brothers lived in Krakow, Poland. They are Stefan (age 12) and Roman age 9). The photograph was taken in 1918 during World War I and are playing with a nice set of toy soldiers. The boys wear military-style school jackets. Stfan has some kind of badge, These may be school unifirms, but we are not sure. Click on the image for a more detailed discussion.

We do not at this time know of any specifically Polish style suits. We have little information about Polish boys' suits at this time. We have almost no historical information. As far as we can tell, Polish fashion trends in the 19th century were essentilly the same as those in Russia and Germany. After World war I when Poland became independent and the Russian Revolution isolated Russia, Germany became nore important. After World War II you again have both Russian and German (East Gerany) influences. A complicating factor is the shifting of borders and populations in the 20th century. Are archive show actual examples is, however, very limited at this time so we are unable to discern actual suit styles.


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