Scottish Boys' Garments: Shirt-like Garments

Figure 1.--Here we see what looks like a first grade class with the teacher and an older boy. The school is not identified, but was in Glasgow. More than half the boys wear bwear large detachable collars. We might all theseEton collars, bit notice that about half had rounded tips and not the classic pointed tips. Three boys wore Fauntleroy blouses. Three boys seem to be wearing sweater shiers, one done in the rugby style. The portrait is undated, but was identified as a 'Jublee Portrait'. We believe that refers to ueen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee (1897). The studio was M. Pearlmann in Glasgow.

We do not have much information on Scottish shirt-like garments yet. We see blouses, shirt waists, and shirts. Gradually in the 20th century we see casual collarless shirts like T-shirts. A popular 20th century stle was the Rugby shirt. We seem to see more of these shits in England than Scotland. As far as we can tell, Scottish and English boys with only a few minor differences wore the same styles of shirt-like garments and collars, at least since the 19th century. There may have been differences begore that, at least in the Highlands. Lowland Scotts basically were Anglicized much earlier. After the Highland Clearances (18th century), English fashion began to affect the Highlands as well. With the invention of photography, we are able to follow this in some detail. One of the best ways to follow this is school portraits which had become common by the late-19th century. Many garments are difficult to follow with the children all grouped together. The collars in cotrast are almost always vissible. School portraits have the added advantage that many are dated. We see a lot of detachable Eton collar at the turn of the 20th century. And we even a few large Fauntleroy collars. Gradually detachable collars declined in importance.


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