Swiss Girls Clothes

Figure 1.--This unidentified girl was photographed in a German canton, probably in the 1950s. Notice the braids and emroidery on the pinafore. Going barefoot during the summer was still quite common in rural areas.

We do not have a lot of information on Swiss girls clothing. Swiss girls mostly wore dresses that look a lot like those worn in neighboring France and Germany. Sailor styles do not seem as popular. We do note quite a number of girls wearing pinafores and not just for school. Boys in French cantons wore smocks and pinafores for school, but not in German Cantons. Girls in both French and German Cantons wore pinafores. Almost all girls wore dresses. We not a few girls wearing pants for casual wear around the home in the 1940s, but this does not seem to be very common and we do not see it at school untill. Braids seemed very popular for Swiss girls hair styles.


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