Swiss Boys' Clothes: Dresses

Figure 1.--This Swiss boy from a German family is picture wearing a dress at about age 2 in 1893. HBC oes not know when he was breeche biut at 6-7 yearrs of age in 1897 he was wearing a sailor suit.

Young Swiss boys in the 19th and early 20th century were commonly outfitted in dresses, as was the case of other European countries an America. HBC has no etails about this custom in Switzerland. It was presumably similar to the fashion in neighboring countries, especially Germany and France. Often in France boys were breeche at about 5 years of age, but some were breeche earlier or latter. HBC has less information on conventions in Germany. HBC believes that there may have been differences between the French and German communities on this custom, but has not etails at this time. No information is available on breeching and possible ceremonies.


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Created: January 7, 2001
Last updated: January 7, 2001