Turkish Boys Clothes: Folk Costumes

Figure 1.-- Here we see the traditional dress of men/boys around Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The photograph is labeled Küçük Efeler. Image courtesy of Fahrettin Oktan.

The Turks have very distinctive folk costumes. Each region in Turkey has its own culture with different dress traditions. We see a variety of garments. In many cases folk attire from fifferent regions used the same or similar garments, but with differnt styles and details. We do not yet have any detailed information on these costumes. Hopefully a Turkish reaader will provide us some information. We do note Turkish Costume Dolls, a company producing dolls in traditional Ottoman dress. The company specializes in dolls wearing traditional Turkish costumes. You may see different examples of female and male Turkish clothing in their dolls from bridal dresses to sufi darwish clothes. Much Turkish dress seems to be of Persian origin. We are unsure how much of the original Steppe clothing survived in Turkish clothing.

Ankara Area

Here we see the traditional dress of men/boys around Ankara (figure 1). The photograph is labeled Küçük Efeler. This is the traditional clothing of Ankara region, the capital of Turkey. The pants are called zivga, the shirt is called Osmaniye ishlik. The jacket, cepken, is short as they are protecting their back with a girdle called kushak. They normally carry a gun holder usually with a short and a long knife. They wear wool socks called tiftik chorap and the shoes are called yemeni.


A kaftan or caftan is a long garment with long sleeves, sometomes worn with a sash. It is a major item of Middle-Eastern clothing. It was a garment worn in both Turkey and Persia. It has evolved into an item of Western clothing, normally a garment worn for lounging, such as beachwear. Here is the "kaftan"s of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I and his sons (shahzades). Kaftan is an outer coat made of different kinds of fabrics.


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