United States Boys' Clothes: Cars 1920s

Figure 1.--This is a 1920s Nash, so the photo would probably date from the late 1920's judging by the car looking in good condition. The snapshot was probably taken in Pennsylvania. Note the boy's flat cap, bowtie, and knickers. Image courtesy of the CO collection.

The automobile by the 1920s had become an intrical part of the merican life style. Henry Ford with the Model T had made the car an affordable item for most Americans. In the prosperous 1920s many American families purchased cars. And with many families the car was a prized possession. Countless American children were photographed by the family car. It was in the 1920s that a family vacation in their car became an American institution and motels and roadside cabins sprang up all over america.


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Created: September 20, 2003
Last updated: September 20, 2003