United States Sailor Headwear: Gender

Figure 1.--This cabinet card portrait shows all the young children of an unidentified family wearing similar sailor caps and blouses. The children look tobe about 2-7 years old and include both boys and girls. We are not sure when it was taken, but based on the mount we would guess the 1910s, pergaps the early-20s. We do not know where it was taken. The mount only said 'Photographer Artistic'. Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

Sailor caps were widely worn by boys and to some extent girls in the late-19th and early-20th century. Sailor caps were mostly done in blue or white. Girls tended to wear sailor hats more than the caps, but we do see girls wearing sailor caps as well. This depended both on the period and the cap style. They did not wear all the different styles. We do not see girls wearing the saucer/dixie cup or the saucer caps. We rarely see them wearing the flat top caps. We do see them wearing the soft caps and the tam-like caps. This seems most common in the early-20th century. These styles were worn by both boys and girls. It was mostly younger girls wearing caps. There was no sailor cap style exclusively for girls.


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Created: 9:12 PM 3/22/2019
Last updated: 9:12 PM 3/22/2019