United States Boys' Hat Styles: Sailor Hat--Construction

Figure 1.--The most destinctive boys' sailor hats were the broad-brimmed hats. This run-type pprtrait gives a good idea of how ide the brims could be. The portrait is undated, but was probably taken in the 1880s.

There were many variations in elements of childrn's sailor hats. We have not been able to find terms for the different styles, except wide-brimmed sailor hats for those with especially wide brims. The primary components were the brim and the crown. There was substantisl variatioin in the with of the brims. Some of the brims were very large. For some reason the younger boys were the ones with the largest brims. A good example here are two uinidentified brothers on a seaside vacation to Provincetown (1885). The brims were also shaped differently. This varied chronologically. Many sailor hats had trim around the brim. Thos was often fabric trim on straw hats. The crows also varied. There were both flat and rounded crowns and many shaapes in between these two shapes. The crown is, however, often obscured in period portraits. This is because the brim was often arched up. We are not sure if this was mother's choice or that of the photographer, bot it was a common convention in period photogrpher. Some of the various design features can be seen in a 1880s group portrait.


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Created: 12:44 AM 7/20/2008
Last updated: 4:41 PM 5/25/2016