United States Boys' Hat Styles: Wide-brimmed Sailor Hat--Prevalence

Figure 1.--Here we see Robert Stack and family. Atvthe time he sarred in a populsr TV series--'The Untouchables'. The phitograph was undated, but ran 1959-63. We suspect it was taken about 1960. Notice the huge wide-brimmed hat his daughter is wearing.

These wide-brimmed sailor hats were worn by both boys and girls beginning in the mid-19th century. It was a very popular styles for an extended period. Excpt for a relativelky brief period this was a style more common for girls to wear than boys. There was a gender difference in that it was mostly younger boys that wore these hats. In contrast, girls of a much wider age range wore them, including older teenagers and even young adults. The basic hats were essentially identical for both boys and girls, although the girls often decorated their hats. Both boys and girls wore undecorated hats exceot for streaners, but inly girls wire the decorated hats. The chronological range is also different for both boys and girls. We see boys wearing these hats through the 1910s and smaller versions even in the 1920s. We see girls wearing these hats through the 1960s, even the 70s. They finally disappeared as part of a general trend toward more informality, especially as hats declined shatply in popularity.


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