* United States boys clothes: fabric patterns chronology 19th century 1870s

United States Suit Fabric Patterns: 19th Century Chronology--The 1870s

Figure 1.--Here we see an unidentified Illinois boy we thinkm in the 1870s. The portrait is undated. nut the mount andgarments suggest the early-1870s. Mote the small ruffled collar. The suit has a diagonal front opening, a popilar style in the 1870s. Note the hold pattern. It seems an unuisual soft fuzzy weave rather than most patterns that show very well defined patterns. The studio was H.W. Immke's New Aetr Gallery in Princtin, Illinois.

We do not yet have a lot of information on bold pattern suits during the 1870s, although admittedly this was not something we have been looking for until recently. The increasing popularity of cabinet cards with a larger image provide us more detail which help to pick up patterns. As best as we can tell, bold patterns were much less common than at mid-century. This was a trend that was pronounced in the 1860s and we contuinue to see it in the 1870s, but we do see quite a number of patterned suits, some of them with bold patterns. We are not yet sure about age and suit type differences.


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