Boys' Hair Styles: Individual Experiences--Willie (United States, 1980s)

Figure 1.--

I think I can help with some contributing information on your hair section, since I am interested in hair styles. I was not an ordinary boy. I always had to be myself and do my own thing. The clothes I wore were either very classical, or very futuristic. I had a perm when I was 10, and I had just about every hairstyle I could think of growing up and even now. I have been styling my hair and choosing my own clothes since I was very young.


You mentioned mullets as a popular hair style . That was definately a major hairstyle from 1985-1993 for boys. In 85, I was 12 years old, and very noticeably, many boys in my school had that haircut, and my school ranged from kindergarten to 8th grade. Not only was the mullet the major haircut, most other boys were feathering their hair. Feathered hair for boys was just as popular in the 80s. Some even feathered their mullets. I was more interested in having my own style, so I was spiking my hair and in 1985, in my school, spiking hair was still unheard of. So I was ahead of my time--at the time. Other things boys did was shave the sides of their hair. Even as late as 1992, young boys had mullets, as my nephew 3 at the time had one, and so did his classmates in his preschool. Through my childhood, the chronology of what I was around other boys hair went like this: 1970's: the "pageboy", then phased into the feathered look in the early to mid 80's. Then came the mullet in the mid 80s, then spiked hair, then the 90s undercut. Coincidentally, a year after 1985, in 1986, it seemed most boys were spiking their hair, even going from feathered mullets to spiked mullets. I am from NJ, since you are interested in where styles take place.

Current Styles

Now it seems that boys are at a slum in style where they just shave their heads and wear baggy clothes- as you all ready stated.

My Father

One more thing I would like to note is my father. When he was a boy in the 40s, he had long hair to his waist. Unfortunaely there are no pictures of that, because I'd love to have seen that!


Christopher Wagner

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Created: September 27, 2002
Last edited: September 28, 2002