United States Boys' Styles: Oliver Twist Suit Components

Figure 1.--Here we have an unidentified American boy wearing an Oliver Twist suit. The snapshot is undated, but looks to be the late-1920s or early-30s. Short pants generally replaced knee-pants in the 1920s.

There were two basic elements of Oliver Twist suit, the blouse top and pants bottoms which buttoned together. The blouse was by far the nost important and much of the styling involved with the outfits occurr on the top. Features if the blouse such as sleeves, collars, and detailing varied widely. There were many different styles of Oliver Twist suits. The diversity is such that there is really no standard style. It is the buttons tht seem to be the defining element. Very large collars were popular with many of these suits. String ties with tassels were another popular feature. The pants were mostly knee pants, although some begin to look more like short pants. We see knee pants in the 190s, but short pants become more common in the 1920s. We do not commonly notice long pants or knickers with Oliver Twist suits.


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Created: 7:10 PM 3/27/2008
Last updated: 7:11 PM 3/27/2008