* Arabs -- 20th century children and war refugees

20th Century Refugees--The Arabs

Figure 1.-- As the south Sudanese began to develop a military capability, the Sudanese arabs shifted their reign of terror from the south to the west--Darfur. This Darfurian mother is attempying to care fpr her 27-month old starving child. The arfurians were african Muslim, driven from their land by Sudanese Arabs oprrating like NAZI Einstzgruppen.

Islamists have pepetrated the lie that America and the West in connections with the Jews have launched a War against Islam in general and the Arabs in particular. And as a result of the Israeli-Arab War (1948) some 0.5 million Arab refugeees fled or were forced out of Palestine. Less commonly mentioned is that it was the Grand Mufi and other Arabs that decided to turn partition into a war and that it was the War, not partition that created the refugees. Also rarely mentioned is that there were also a comparable number of Jewish refugees. The Palistinian refugees, however were only the first group of Arab refugees. Other Arab refugees would follow and most were were refugees created by other Arabs themselves, not the West or Jews. Arab Socialists created terrir attacks agaunst Israel and thge West (1960s-70s). The failure of Arab Scocialism has led to an Islamic revival in the arb lands, but Islan has prove no more successful than Arab Socialism. What the arabs have not tried is freedom, either politicl freedom (democrcy) or economic freedom (capitalism). One of the worst pettrators of violence has been Sudan which waged a campaign of butchery and enslavement on the Christian south aand the genocide against African Muslims in Darfur. The current refugee crisis is just the lastest group of refugees created by fellow Arabs (both Muslim abd Christian) who not only butcher fellow Arabs but while doing so continue to perpetuate the lie that the West is waging a war on Islam. Of course ISIS would like nothing more tghsn to get their hands on Jews, but now the Jews have a state to orotect them--Israel. Arab and other Muslim groups have even attacked Weterners attempting to conduct relief and critically important medical work in Muslim areas. Another Arab group that has bloodv hands is the Bathists (Iraq and Syria). Saddam used poison gas against the Kurds, Marsh Arabs and fellow Muslim Iraniana. Assad has used poison gas ahianst his fellow Muslim countrymen. Ignoring with impunity, President Obama's 'Red Line'. The Arab refugee crises began with the Arab-Israeli War, but continues with increasing force and and brutality into the 21st century with no sign of abating.

Early Atrocities

Arab Refugees


The term refugeees when mentioned in reference to Isreael-Paestinian issue is normally used in reference to Palestinians Arabs. We have found some serious misunderstandings about the Paestinian refugee problem. There is no doubt Large numbers of Paestinians did indeed flee from the areas where the Isrealis gained control. And there is no doubt that it was a bitter experience and the individuals suffered terribly. Historians report that during the 1948 war, large numbers of Arabs fled or were expelled from the part of Palestine which became Israel. There is some disagreement, however, as to why they fleed and to what extent they were expelled. Often ignored by Arab accounts is that the invading Arabs countries incouraged Palestinian Arabs to flee from Isreli occupied areas. Another often ignored subjects is the difference in treatment of Arans in Idreali occupied areas and Hews in Arab occupied areas. Both sides recount horror stories thus this is a difficult assessment to make. A Palestinian source describes the Palestinian experience as the world's "oldest and largest refugee problem". Another Palestinian site describes the loss of "their property in one of the greatest acts of plunder in modern history". These and similar claims are simply not true. There were many refugee problems brfore and after and there have been quite a nunber of serious refugee crises of far greater magnitude. Even during the same period there were far larger refugee problems. The displace persons following World War II was far larger involving millions of refugees (1945). Just the German refugee problem after the War was larger (1945-46). As was the refugee problem following the partition of British India (1948). And there were actually more Jewish than Arab refugeees. Here we are not just talking about European Jewish refugeees, but Oriental Jewish refugees from Arab countries as well. There are many other refugee crisis we could list, many of which have been larger than the Paestinian refugee problem. It may well be, however, that the Palestinian refugee problem is the world's most enduring such problem. There are differences of opinion as to the numbers of Paestinians displaced from Israel. Perhaps the most commonly used figure is 0.7 million. We have, however, seen estimates ranging from about 0.4-0.8 million persons. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the Palestinian refugee problem to understand is why the Palestinians did not integrate into the Arab societies where they sought refuge. Many images highlighting the difficult living conditions Palestinans faced were taken in Gaza refugee camps. A myth about the Paestinian refugees, however, is that ´┐ŻIsrael forced the Palestinian refugees to stay in primitive Gaza camps". The Arab refugees were left in camps and in some cases confined in those camps by the Arab Governments. The Palestinian ASrabs were never integrated, unlike the similar number of Jewish refugees from the Arab world, who were fully integrated into Israeli society.

Algerian Independence

Refugees Created by the Arabs

The Middle East since the end of World War II had been awash with regugees. Aran sources would like to blame the refugee problem on outside, non-Muslim forces. This is normally Jews, America, and Britain--anyone but themselves. Im fact not aonly have not all the refugees been Arabs, but the orimnary cause of the refugee crusis had been Arab countries and Aran terror groups of one form or another. The first and best known Arab refugee group is the Palestinians which is blamed on the Jews abd the United States, but even her here Arab goovernmebt and Arab terror groups have played central roles. Some of the refigees are the resukt of Cold War tensions, but many are the result of deepseeded tebsions in Arab sociery and centuriues old conflicts, many more tha a melennia old The Sunni-Shi'ia split continues to be a major source of yensions resulting in condfict and refugees. This in the modern world has been conined with economuc failire. Arab siciety had been such a failure than more anbd nore people want to reach Eyrope si they can leas stable prosperous lives. The economic problens are in karge oart dur to risng and ibcreasibky violent fundamnentalism. Not only are many Arabs fleeing the region, but they are increasingly attacking non Mislim people (Christians, Jews and groups like Yazidis).


Aljamra, Helal Aljamra. "28 Years after Iraq invaded Kuwait hundreds are still missing or unaccounted for," Inside Arabia (April 1, 2019).


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