Soviet Communism: Nikita Khrushchev--Photographs with Children

Figure 1.-- Here we see Nikita Khrushchev with his grandson. Notice the focus of the photograph and the Khrushchev's face. There is simply nothing like it in the tens of thousands of images we have of Hitler and Stalin with children. We are not sure just when the photograoph was taken. It was in the 1960s, but we are not sure if it was before or after his outster.

It is difficullt to understand the true character of political leaders even in the West with a free press. In the Soviet Union it was not just difficult, but impossible to judge the character of Soviet leaders beyond what they actually do. One little insight that we have to work with is the images projected by dictatorial leaders who have the ability to totally control the images avaiable to the public. Both Hitler and Stalin liked to be photogrphed with children. And these images were used in an effort to project a kind, human side of their character. But the images are carefully crafted. Many show children idolizing the two men, delivering flowers or looking own adoringly. Never do we see Stalin and Hitler looking on adoringly at the children. Nor do we see the two energentically embracing children. Holding hands yes, but never emotional embraces. Almost always Hitler and Stalin were the focus of the image, not the children. And never do we see Hitler and Stalin deigning to join in the fun with the children. With Khrushchev we see some different imagery. We see some of the standard totalitarian imagery of Khrushchev receiving floweers and being adored by the children. But we see something different with Khrushchev as well. We note images where he is not the focus of attntion. We see what are clearly emotional embraces. We see him looking on adoringly at his grandchildren and even joining in on the fun. They are very human images that you simply do not see with other totalitarian leaders. These are hints at the nature of his character and heart.


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Created: 4:11 AM 11/4/2018
Last updated: 4:11 AM 11/4/2018