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Communist Economies: Socialist Failure (1917 - )

 failure of socialism
Figure 1.-- This is a fascinasting image. Childten in prosperrous thanks to the Italian economic miracle are being led by their teachers on May Day which in Europe is labor day. The children here are honorung Mao Tse-Tung, responsibvle for the murder of over 60 million people and the creation of an economy in which the population languised in abject poverty. We have the press caption, unfortunately much of it is illegible. "Milan -- The Really Great Suprose of 1 May: Cortrege was ... of young (and very young) boys and girls. This group dstinguisged itself ... by a giant poster ... the inscription 'Uniome ... unionists" which union represents the 'Chinese wing' of Italian Communists, little boys and girls, guided by politically streamlined teachers marched in this group. They exhibited the little red booklet whuch contains Mao-Tsetung's political and economic maxims. [This was the same time the Red Guards with their little red books were turning China upside down.] The cortege as well as the entire 1-May-1969 manifestation in Milan's Dome Square was completely peaceful and without the slightest incidents (a rarity in these times)." An Italian reader tells us, "Thephotogrph here was probably taken by Adriano Alecchi, a journalist photographer who at the time worked for the Milan based magazine 'Panorama'. At least I found other photos of the same group clearly taken by him. The photo shows a group from the 'Unione dei Comunisti Italiani' (Italian Communist Union) a group of Leninist/Maoist Communists who separated from the official Italian Communist Party. They decided the Party was not Communist enough. The group no longer exists, but probably they had a strict Leninist/Maoist organization and the adults leading the children were something similar to political commissars or Red Guards. At about this time Italian Red Brigades were becoming increasingly active and commiting terrorist attacks.

The econoic system of Communist state is socialism. Authors like Marx has waxed eloquently about the utopian future od prosperity on end that socilism would create for workers and peasants. The Soviet Union would be the first state to create Marx's utopian vision in reality. And they failed miserbly. They managed to create a powerful military, but a prosperous econmy is another matter. Living cinditions in the Sovirt Union weere far below those in capitalist countrues, both before and after World War II. This of course was hidden by the the totalitarian nature of Cimmunist regimes. Look at the scene here in Italy which thanks to cspitalism was propsprrous like never berfore. And yet the Communists were idealizing Communist Chin where millions were murdered and starved by Mao (figure 1). It is interesting to note the two fashionnly dressed wpme the children. If they really believed in Chinese Communism, why re they not dressed in dowdy clothes and lower hems like Chinese ladies? Committed socialists ecplain the Sovirt failure was because Stalin sucessors did not create a true socialist economy. And that Stalin commited grave errors. After Stalin's death, Khrushchev as part of a De-Stalinization process dimanteled the Gulf and the state became somewhat less opprrive, but ecomomic conditions only improved marginlly. As soon as Gorbechev, trying to improve the economy, restriced the powrers of the KGB, the Soviet Union and its Eastern European empire imploded (1989-91). Commited socialists when they finally had to admit that the Soiviet Union failed, insists that the Soviets failed because they did not create true socilist economy. The problem with that argument is that some 50 regimes in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America have attempted Communism and create a socialist economy. Socilism continues to have many advocates, in part because the system sounds so inviting and citizens of Commist countries re not allowed to criticise. We ask those advocating to look at the list of Communist regimes with socialist economies and point out one single success of socialist economics. All have failed to create prosperous socities and all have the vatious attemps were guilty of serious often horific violaltions of civil liberties, often icluding a range of judciual and non-judicial killing and some of the most deadly famines in human hstory. Of course if socialism was such an effecive economic system, is it really possible that it could have ammassed such a record of failure. There is one Communist state that has achieved real success--China. Of course this is only because the Communists in China have pemitted a major capitalist economy to develop and create prosperoty. Basically admitting that socilism dies not work.


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