Palestinian Terrorism: Letting Violence Out of the Box

Figure 1.-- This Palistinian boy in the 1970s shows off his AK-47. The press caption referring to Black September read, "The Town [King] Hussein Could Not Capture: Inside thre last Fedayeen stronghold. A 13-year-old Palistinian boy proudly shows his Chinese-made, Russian designed automatic rifle. His uniform is also Chinese. Photographer: Brian Aris.

Islamic religious sanction for violence has essentially taken terror out of the box. Fedayeen terrorists who suceeded in killing Jewsx achieved hero status among Palistinins and the wider Aran community. Here they have aporobation of both natiomlot and religious leaders. At first terror was directed toward Jews during the British Mandate and than against the Israelis. Led by the Grand Mufti there were several periods of Arab attacks on Jews. These were attacks on the Jewish community, attacks that were nothing more than the the periodic attacks on Jews, any Jews that had occured in the Arab Lands for centuries. Muslims that were non-violent were willing to tolerate vilence aimed at Jews, even women and children. This was not inter-communal violence, it was Muslim attacks on Jews. And because of the Zionist infrastructur, the Jews began organizinf self-defense groups--the origin of the Haganah. The Palistinians who were not targeted felt no need for such organization which is why in addition to internal differences that the Jews were better prepared at the time of the Indepoendence war. The Palistinian Arabs were frustrated by the Jewish self-defense organization and by the British which intervened to limit the attacks. After the creation od Israel, the terror tagets were expanded to any Jews. Americans, and other Westerners. But of course once terror is out of the box it is hard to reverse the process. Gradually Muslims also became targets. Once terror became acceptable, men with guns not only began hitting Jewish civilians, but other Muslim civilans who did not holdthe same beliefs. At first the targets were offending leaders like King Abulah and President Sadat, but gradually innocent Muslims civilians, including muslims woeshiping in Mosques and shopers in markets began to be targetted in a range of Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia. Targetting was basically how to kill the largest number of people. This is why soft targets are chosen. These were not Jews and Christians attacking Muslims, but fellow Muslims. Commonly any outrage like 9-11 was blamed on Jews, but in the Middle east today the level of violence and killing is forcing more Mislims to come to terms with the monsters they have created.


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Created: 8:23 AM 10/6/2015
Last updated: 8:23 AM 10/6/2015