** World War I -- Serbian Orphans-- Momčilo Gavrić

Momčilo Gavrić: Mackensen Offensive (1915-16)

 Momčilo Gavrić
Figure 1.--Here we see Momčilo Gavrić during the Great Serbian Retreat over the Albanin Mountains (1915-16)

The Austrians after failing to defeat the Serbs in 1914 renewed their offensive in 1915. It was planned by Field Marshll Anton Ludwig Friedrich August von Mackensen (1849 – 1945). He became one of the German Empire's most prominent and competent military commanders. The Mackensen Offensive reinforced the Austriabs with German units as weil as the Bulgarians opening a new front in the south (1915). The Serbian Army was defeated, but the Serbian Government reduced to capitulate. The country was occupied. The 6th Artillery Division fell back as part of the Great Serbian Retreat slso called the 'Albanian Golgotha' toward the Adriatic coast (1916). They had to cross Albanian mountains in terrible winter weather. Many died, espcially the civilans who accomppanied them. Reportedly, during the retreat his caretaker and friend, Milos Misovic, collapsed due to exhaustion and asked Momčilo to go on without him. He refused and curled up next to his friend in the snow, which was a gesture that gave Misovic the spirit to continue. Some 400,000 men began ythe trek, but only 180,000 reached the coast. British Royal Navy transported the nen to Corfu and than on to Thessaloniki to continue the War. Most countries asfter such a defeat and the occupation of their country capitulated--but not the Serbs.


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