World War II Campaigns: Italy--German Withdrawl (April 25, 1945)

Figure 1.--Here we see people in Milan celebrating the German wihdrawl from the city on April 25. Italians celebrate April 25 as Liberation Day from the NAZIs in World War II. .

With the Allies crossing the Po, the German position in northern Italy was no longer tenable. Italians celebrate April 25 as the day of liberation from the NAZIs. The National Liberation Committee rose in insurrection in Milan as well as other large cities in the northern Italy. The Germans on that date withdrew from Milan. Jubilant crowds celebrated the liberation of the city. Milan was the largest city in northern Italy. It was also a considerable distance from the bordrs of the Reich. Milan was closer to France than the Reich. German convoys wound over narrow mountain roads in an effort to get back to Germany. The German withdrawl meant there was no longer any safe place for Mussolini in Italy. The Germans were not being hard pressed by the Allies at the time, but faced increasingly serious attacks from the Resistance. Attacks were occuring both in the cities and the mountains as German military convoys tried to get back to Germany.


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Created: 5:10 AM 4/25/2005
Last updated: 5:10 AM 4/25/2005