German Lebensborn Nurseries: Individual Homes

lebensborn nursery
Figure 1.-- Here is one of the SS Lebensborn homes. We are not sure which one this was.

The first home was opened in 1936 at Steinhoering, under the pseudonym "Heim Hochland" ("home high country"), near Munich. The SS by the end of the World War II had set up 10 homes or nurseries. Another source notes 13 homes. The homes varied in size. Most were relatively small facilities. The size of these is suggested by the number of nurses assigned: Heim Taunus 22, Hochland 18, Sonnenwiese 18, Wienerwald 15, Pommern 14, Kurmark 12, Harz 10, Schwarzwald 9, Ardennen 9, Westwald 4, Moselland 3, Friesland 3, Alpenland 1. [Bleuel, S. 192.] We also notice the SS-Lebensborn Klosterheide. The buildings indelelic settings were expropriated from wealthy Jews, foreign private instituions, or religious charitable institutions. Some were also donated by faithful NAZI Party members. Steinhoering was, for example, a former Caritas children's home. The NAZIs moved to prempt church charities by controling chairtable giving and directing most of the funds to NAZI welfare organizations. As a result, the churches could not continue supporting all of their welfare facilities.


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