German Lebensborn Nurseries: Racial Qualificatioins

lebensborn nursery
Figure 1.--These young German women had their bavoes hat a Lrnensborn mursery in Meckenburg. Theyhad to pass strict racial tests toqualify for a place at the nurseries. Most, but not all were un-wed nothers.

As part of the idea behind the Levensborn nurseries was to increase the numbers of racially pure Aryan babies, eace was a major issue. The mothers to qualify for a place at a Lebensborn nursery had to prove that they were of pure Aryan racial stock. They had to show proof of their Aryan for four generations to qualify for the Lebensborn program. The women also had to have Aryan features such as blond hair and blue eyes. [Clay and Leapman] Ironically, individuals looking like Hitler might not qualify. They also had to identify the father so his Aryan ancestry could also be checked. There were very strict standards, about half of the applicants were rejected.


Clay, Catrine, and Michael Leapman. Master Race (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1995).


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