NSV Hilfsfwerk: Mutter und Kind

Mutter und Kind
Figure 1.--Here we see a Mutter und Kind poster. The organization was created by the NAZIs in 1934 to increase the German birth rate by asssting low-income mothers, including un-wed mothers, with young children. Substantial services were provided mothers if suitavke racial background, but it had little impact on the birthrate. The poster reads, "Unterstützt das Hilfswerk Mutter und Kind". That means, Support the relief organisation Mother and Child. . The verb is unterstützen. Notice the NSV logo in the upper lefthand corner.

The NSV not only moved to take over existng German charities, but also created its own new charities. One of the best known is the Mutter und Kind (Mother and Child) organization. It was established to address one of Hitler's major concerns, the falling German birth rate. The Organizatioin undertook to opromoye NAZI population policy. Goebbels himself personally oversaw the innaguratiin of Mutter und Kind. In his address, he stated. "Mother and Child are the pledge for the immortality of the nation" (February 24, 1934). The Organization sought to increase the birth rate by assisting mothers. It was the coincrete realization of Point 21 of the Party's Program issued in 1920--'the state had to care for the raising of the nation's healththrough the protection of mother and child." The organization undertook activities in the area of population policy, health poromotion, and education. They pursue these activities by providing welfare and recuperation services to new mothers, welfare for young children, and setting up help and advise centes. The Weimar Republic had provided aid to mothers without health insurance. The NAZIs through Mutter and Kind greatly expanded this effort, providing milk, other groceries, bed linnen, and much more. BDM girls might help out in the home. The effort was primarily geared to help the mother in the home. There were efforts to aid single mothers without secure. There were also nursery homes set up in rural areas to aid those mothers without supportive families. There were both NAZI Party nursseries and NAZI SS Lebensborn nurseries. We are not sure to what extent the costs of the SS Lebensborn nurseries weere covered by Mutter und Kind or the SS.


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