French 1935 Department Store Catalogs with Boys Clothings: Au Bon Marché Girls Sweaters

Figure 1.--Here we see several different styles of pull-over sweaters for girls. Two of the garments, the gillet and barboteuse were for boys.

Here we see several different styles of sweaters for girls, including blouson, gilet, chemisier, and sweater. Most of the items here are for girls. Included here also are also what look to be a few items for boys, a gilet and barboteuse. Unfortunately the ad copy does not provide any clue as to gender appropriateness.

DF-12043: Gilet

The ad copy reads, "Gilet forme montante, tricot de laine à côtes fantaisie, bord en rouge, nattier, jaune." I'm not sure just how to translate gilet. It looks like a simple cardigan sweater. The ad copy translates as, "???." It was made for children 2-8 years of age. I think this could be worn by both boys and girls.

DF-12032: Barboteuse (romper)

A barboteuse or romper is a garment normally worn by boys. We believe that it is mixed in with the girls sweaters simply because of the space limitations on the page. Rompers were often made with puff pants, but we notice many rmpers in the 1930s made with regular short pants. The ad copy reads, "Barboteuse tricot pure laine, culotte unie veste rayée, fond nattier, rouge ou amande." This translates as, "Romper ??? pure wool, solid color shorts stripped shirt, ??? ??? red or ???." The romper was made in sizes 1-3 years.


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