* French mail order catalogs and advertisments with boys clothes -- garments

French Clothing Catalogs and Fashion Magazines with Boys Clothing: Garments

Figure 1.--The patern here is headed 'Les patons de luxe' (the patterns of luxury). That seems to be the name brand of the pattern compamy. The subscript is 'jardine des modes'(garden of styles/fashion). The pattern is for blouses with a skirt for girls and short pants for boys. The pattern is undated, but we would guess dates ti the 1950s orvearly 60s.

French mail order catalogs offer a great deal of information on specific clothing styles and garments worn over time.worn over time. They are helpful in spotting the unique styles worn by French boys. And accompamying ad copy provide interesing details about the various garments. Currently we are archiving the catalog and advertisement information as well as the sewing magazine infornation primarily in the in the chronologies section, but we will eventually cross index it under garments. This will allow you to easily select a particular garment and see how it has changed over time. It will be some time, however, before this is possible. For the time being we will begin by archieving items that we are unable to date.


Skirted Garments

Shirts and Shirt-like Garments

Boys commonly wore blouses in the 19th century. Shirts became more common in the 20th century. Younger boys mufgt still wear blouses like the example here, 'Les patons de luxe' (figure 1). It looks like the 1950s to us. The ad copy as best we can decioher it reads, "Modéle publié dans chic et pratique. No. l-7354. Ce modéle peut étre exécuté pour une petite fille et un petit garçcon de 2-4 ans. La patron de la blouse est le móme. La jupe ou lo culotte comportent six boutoneldéros qui correspondent aux boutons de la blouse. Métoges: Jupe, 0m. 55, culotte, 0m. 45 en 1m. 4=30. Blouse: 1 m. en 1 m. Prix Francs. " This translate as something like, "Model released in chic and practical. No. 1- 7354. This model can be made for a girl and a boy of 2-4 years. The pattern of the blouse is the same. The skirt or short pants have six [eros? ] buttons which correspond to the buttons of the blouse. Measures: Skirt, 0m. 55, short pants, 0m. 45 in 1m. 4 = 30. Blouse: 1 m. in 1 m. Prices Francs."




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