German Mail Order Catalogs with Boys Clothings: Garments

Figure 1.--This Gedrman mail order catalog during the 1970s offered lederhosen in distinctive boys' and girls' styles.

German mail order catalogs offer a great deal of information on specific clothing styles worn over time. They are helpful in spotting the unique styles worn by Germab boys. We have only limited information from German catalogs at this time, but we hope to add more information with the help of our German readers. Right now we are archiving undated items here, but we will eventually cross reference the much larger dated chronology section here.






Lederhosen for younger boys became a destincyive offering in German mail order catlaogs during the 1960s ands 70s. Older boys for the most part wanted to wear jeans.


German children have worn a wide range of hosiery over time. We have noted ankle socks, three quater socks, and knee socks, long stockings, and tights. The popularity of the different types of hosiety varied over time. Long stockings were popular in the 19th and first half of the 20th century. We see three-quater socks in the early-20th century. Knee socks were populsr through the 1960s, but by mid-century we increasingly see boys wearing ankle socks. Long stockings were particularly popular in Germany for many years until replaced by tights in the 1960s. East Germany lagged a little behind West Germany in these and other fashion trends. Boys and girls wiore the same hosiery with some limited differences until after World War II.



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Created: April 11, 2000
Last updated: 3:51 AM 9/14/2010